Workers over the age of 55 are not too expensive because of their demand for service premiums, according to a study by the European institute Eurofound.
Unions representing the drivers of Flemish public transport authority De Lijn have threatened to strike unless rapid action is taken over the conditions in the underground bus terminal at Brussels North station.
At least one in four female police officers have been confronted with inappropriate behaviour from a male colleague in the last six months, according to a welfare survey carried out among nearly 5,000 police personnel.
Liège Airport fulminated against the Skeyes air controllers movement that hit the Airport twelve times since early March, heavily impacting on the company’s activities.
De Lijn Buses in Antwerp should run normally on Saturday morning, the Flemish public transport company announced on Friday.

A new German head for Audi Brussels

Thursday, 28 March 2019 12:09
As of 1 April, Volker Germann will be the new head Audi Brussels, management of the Forest-based plant announced.
Government representatives are due today to begin crisis talks with trade unions and employers to break the impasse over wages policy for the next two years.
Skeyes Air traffic controllers will continue with their strike action on Monday, ACV/CSC Transcom (Christian Democrat union) announced.
The federal mobility minister François Bellot has reversed a previous decision to have train conductors wear a name badge.
Delays are expected on Monday due to pursued actions by Skeyes air traffic controllers affiliated with ACV-Transcom (Christian Union Confederation or CSC, largest union in Belgium), union member Kurt Callaerts warned last Friday via social networks.