The Belgian Centre for Cybersecurity (CCB) will not issue a negative opinion on the Chinese technology company Huawei, that is accused of spying by the USA (among other countries).
The foreign affairs committee of the federal parliament this week voted in favour of the creation of a national centre for human rights – 26 years after the idea was first proposed.
Three and a half years after Brussels' civic platform began to welcome migrants, volunteers are exhausted, Le Soir reported today.
Gérard Deprez, vice-president of the conservative party MR of premier Charles Michel, has set out his party's first condition for taking part in a governing coalition following the 26 May general election: there must be no ministerial post for N-VA politician Theo Francken.
A Flemish government including the N-VA after the elections in May will not press for a road toll for private cars in the region, mobility minister Ben Weyts said.
“Free public transport is not a good idea.” What people want is “more buses, more seating, more comfort during peak hours," Schaerbeek deputy mayor Bernard Clerfayt (DéFI, Democratic Federalists) said on Sunday’s "L'invité" (RTL-tvi).
Maggie De Block, federal minister for asylum and migration, is to smooth over relations with the United States after questions were raised over the system of humanitarian visas for Syrians operated by her predecessor, Theo Francken.
Debates were going strong in the Parliament of Wallonia plenary session on Wednesday night when the Head of the Liberal Group John-Paul Wahl suddenly called for an interruption.
Achieving climate-friendly mobility is possible by transferring public resources, which are currently allocated to automobiles, to public transport and active modes of travel.
The tenth "March for Life" mobilized about 500 people on Sunday on Place Poelaertin Brussels, according to police.