Activist citizens united under #NOTINMYNAME led actions this morning on 8 bridges overlooking E411 and E412. Banners with "No government that leaves people to rot" were displayed. Yellow vest and life jacket decorations intended to attract citizens’ attention to the social and human misery in which some people are immersed. …
Almost half of the fertilizers used in agriculture in Flanders are illegal, according to information published by De Standaard.
A list of 68 entities linked to the Chinese telecom giant Huawei has been compiled by the US Trade Department, and a Leuven spin-off is on the list. Bought in 2013, the spin-off operates in semiconductors, l’Echo revealed today.
For over ten years, 25 federal police medical officers were paid a full-time salary while only working part-time.
A pair of Eritrean nationals were detained after police found them hiding among a truck’s cargo of flour in the outskirts of Bruges, police confirmed Wednesday.
A new document informing asylum seekers about “fundamental" and "non-negotiable" Belgian norms and values will be distributed in reception centres in Belgium.
Utopsi, an interest group for and by sex workers, called for a complete decriminalisation of sex work and a self-employment statute to protect themselves legally and socially.
Four out of five GAS (municipal administrative sanctions) fines that the police write out in the red-light district in Ghent are dismissed, confirmed mayor Mathias De Clercq (Open VLD).
Starting on June 1, workers will be able to take one half-day parental leave a week or one whole day's every fortnight.
The police fined about 100 drivers on Wednesday morning because they took photos and/or videos from behind the wheel of an accident with a tipped over truck on the E40 in Wetteren.