Several pets were seized from an elderly couple in La Louvière, near Mons, after a local animal rights group found that the animals were being kept in “deplorable” living conditions.
The average pension for people in Belgium is too low to pay for a retirement home, according to new figures. 
A suspected burglar was arrested on Tuesday in Mont-Saint-Guibert following a high-speed pursuit starting in Lasne, it was learned from the Walloon Brabant public prosecutor's office.
In the current electoral campaign, Flemish political groups have together spent over €200,000 on Facebook advertisements, and nationalist Vlaams Belang (VB) has outspent all of its political rivals.
Consumer protection organisation Test-Achats has issued a crushing report on homoeopathic remedies, describing it as “unacceptable” that the remedies are allowed to be described by practitioners as “medication”.
The detection of speed limit violations could be outsourced to the private sector in order to alleviate the personnel shortage in the federal police, following a proposal from Commissioner General of the Belgian federal police Marc De Mesmaeker.
Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize announced on Wednesday the withdrawal from the sale of Yellow lentil Lasagne and spaghetti from the brand 'More Than Pasta' after the discovery of traces of gluten within the gluten-free product.
The concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere has gone up to a new record of more than 415 ppm (particles per million), the highest concentration since the emergence of modern man around 200,000 years ago.
If life expectancy in Belgium continues to grow, raising the legal retirement age will be necessary in order to maintain a “financially sustainable” pension system, Antwerp mayor Bart de Wever said.
The smallest municipality in the Brussels Capital Region has declared a state of “climate emergency,” making it the first Belgian district to do so and joining cities like Los Angeles, London and Vancouver.