According to a recent Solidaris opinion poll, four out of ten people in Wallonia and Brussels have already given up on health care for financial reasons. If all care is following the same tendency (+4 percentage points in four years), visits to medical specialists are particularly in focus (+7.9pp).
With federal, regional and European elections approaching in about a month, some of the major Belgian media from both sides of the language divide have published the results of their political barometer.
The programme of checks on unemployed that came into force in the new millennium is each quarter doubling the number of people passing from unemployment to disability benefits, according to the conclusions of a study relayed by La Libre Belgique on Wednesday. Women, in particular, are more impacted.
A 20-year-old woman from Antwerp is in jail afrer police found hand grenades, weapons and cocaine in her apartment when she called the emergency services after shooting herself in the foot.
A leading medical examiner has claimed the support of colleagues in calling for an automatic autopsy in cases where infants die of unexplained causes. The proposal also has the support of Flemish family welfare organisation Kind & Gezin.
Farmers are facing criticism after reports that they have been draining water from rivers due to an ongoing drought.
A total ban on the advertising of alcohol is necessary from the public health point of view, according to a study conducted at the University of Ghent for the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office.

E313 closed in the direction of Antwerp

Wednesday, 24 April 2019 10:47
The E313 motorway in Herentals-West in the direction of Antwerp has been completely closed because of an accident in which a truck drove into a line of cars.
The financial sector federation, Febelfin, wants to see Belgians give up cash payments by the 11th of May.
De Lijn will offer Brussels suburbs a new transport service from September, the trambus.