Tensions over the ongoing situation in Brussels’ Gare du Nord continue to brew, after one bus company dismissed a warning from local authorities that they could be fined if they did not resume service in the station.
Schools in Brussels need more Dutch-language teachers if they are to counteract the predominance of English in the capital’s classrooms, Brussels mayor Philippe Close said on Tuesday.
In tonight's first semi-final, 17 countries will take to the stage at Expo Tel Aviv.
Two people have been admitted to the hospital from smoke inhalation after a fire broke out in an Etterbeek apartment building late Monday afternoon.
Rail traffic between Brussels’ Gare de Midi and Gare du Nord is partially operating, after being brought to a standstill for over an hour during peak morning hours due to a fire.
The first e-scooter accident took place in Brussels on 16 April.
The 24th Belgian Pride parade will take place in Brussels on Saturday 18 May, under the theme “All for One”.
French-speaking and Dutch-speaking schools should be able to exchange teachers, so only native speakers give language classes, according to Benjamin Dalle (CD&V), party leader for the Flemish Parliament.
A self-driving mini-shuttle took its first trial drive on Monday at Brussels Airport, covering a distance of a few meters and stopping or slowing down autonomously.
The first deadly accident involving an electric scooter recently took place in Brussels, a doctor from the emergency ward in Bruggmann Hospital confirmed.