The Brussels North police zone will increase the patrols of the De Lijn bus stops under the Gare du Nord until the weekend of 25 and 26 May.
The city of Brussels organised a memorial service for the homeless people who died in the capital  in 2018.
The police officer who was arrested on Wednesday after attacking an arrested man in Molenbeek has been released, confirmed his lawyer, Sven Mary.
The animal rights organisation GAIA decided to take action against Ecolo co-chair Zakia Khattabi, the organisation announced in a statement on Thursday.
A pedestrian was hit by a car at 8:00 AM on Thursday morning near the Place Rogier in Brussels. The pedestrian was severely injured and is in a critical condition.
New traffic regulations, including new rules for vulnerable road users and electric scooters, will take effect starting from 31 May.
A building had to be evacuated in Saint-Gilles on Wednesday night due to highs level of Carbon Monoxide (CO) in the air.
A human trafficking network operating in the Brussels region out of Gare du Nord was dismantled by police, leading to the arrest of ten individuals and the identification of several migrants in irregular situations.
The officer of the Brussels West police who was filmed kicking and hitting an arrested man in Molenbeek has been arrested, and has since apologised.
The Brussels municipality of Saint-Gilles has approved the construction of a large city park in the areas surrounding the recently-renovated Parvis de Saint Gilles in an attempt to create a “green lung” in the municipality.