At least two merchants on the Sablon have hung up "Stop Smet" posters, with the image of Brussels Minister for Mobility Pascal Smet (One.Brussels).
Three Belgian air traffic companies will go to court against air traffic controller Skeyes, after two others already did in April.
Three people have been arrested in a counter-narcotics operation in the Brussels municipality of Schaerbeek, in which cash and several grams of different substances, including cocaine and marijuana, were also seized.
Brussels public transport operator STIB has ordered 30 new tram-trains which will in part serve to extend their services to the north of the city, and will increase the company’s transport capacity by 15 per cent.
A study conducted by Brussels’ public cleaning agency found that cigarette butts made up just under a third of the litter scattered throughout of the capital.
The Brussels’ Saint-Jacques neighbourhood, a preferred nightlife spot for members of the LGBTQ community, has created a nightlife charter, the first of its kind in the Belgian capital.
On thirty different locations all over Brussels, the movement Fifty Shades of Racism used graffiti tags to show that racism is a daily reality for many people.
The Brussels police arrested three migrants who wanted to spend the night at the De Lijn bus stops under the Gare du Nord during the weekend of 18 and 19 May.
A suspect has been arrested in the case of a woman stabbed in the middle of the street on April 2 on Chaussée de Ninove in Anderlecht.
Buses from transport company De Lijn will resume service in their designated stops in Brussels’ Gare du Nord station on Monday from 10:00 AM.