Homeowners in Brussels will have until 2025 to undertake home renovations to put residential buildings in the capital on track with national energy-efficiency goals by 2030, according to a decree passed by outgoing regional authorities.
Out of the 17 countries participating in the first semi-final in Tel Aviv yesterday evening, 10 countries, some of them surprisingly, qualified to the grand final on Saturday.
Brussels will see the launch of a new free-floating shared service called YodaCity this Summer.
A construction worker is dead and another has been sent to the hospital with serious injuries after an accident in a construction site took place in the Brussels municipality of Molenbeek on Tuesday afternoon.
Police officers in Brussels North will start patrolling by bike starting from October.
A new campaign inviting commuters to take action when they witness acts of sexual harassment was on Tuesday morning unveiled in Brussels’ public transport network.
Following clashes on New Year's eve in Molenbeek, several parties called for Brussels police zones to merge.
Former Pride-coordinator Alan De Bruyne (One.Brussels) launched a proposal on social media to find a different name for the Boulevard Leopold II in Brussels, where he lives.
After the first fatal accident involving an e-scooter in Belgium in April, the Brussels State Secretary for Road Safety opened an investigation on whether the compulsory use of helmets could be introduced.
A recent study found that a majority of Brussels residents are still favoring their cars over public transportation, even for short-distance trips.