The Colruyt Group have launched a bovine branch to cut out the middle-man and pay producers more.
The government's Court of Auditors – the body charged with supervising the public accounts – has criticised the so-called white cash register, introduced to cut down on undeclared work and income in the restaurant and bar trade.
This week saw the opening in Vilvoorde of a new film studio designed for shooting water-scenes, said to be the largest in Europe.
The number of complaints made to the mediation service of Bpost went up by 55% in 2018, and for the first time, the number of complaints about packages overtook those about letters.
Ryanair has now become one of Europe’s 10 biggest CO2-emitters, the Transport & Environment (T&E) organisation reported on Tuesday, based on data from the European Commission.
Colruyt Group will gradually ban the use of disposable bags for produce in its stores, the group announced today, thus saving about 150 million bags annually.
Electricity operator Elia will inject 500,000 euros in Ventilus - a new "crucial" project in West Flanders - and for the transmission of the surplus of renewable land-and-sea produced energy through the high voltage network.

Easyjet braces for Brexit

Monday, 01 April 2019 15:23
Uncertainty around Brexit stands to depress the demand for air travel, the British carrier Easyjet noted on Monday.
Your litre of petrol will cost more on Tuesday, FPS (Federal Public Services) Directorate General for Energy announced today. It will come close to a maximum of 1.5€ per litre - its highest since early November.
Listed Belgian businesses, excluding AB InBev, will give their shareholders a total of 6.3 billion euros, L’Echo and De Tijd reported on Saturday.