A few years ago, Lisette van Vliet’s family were forced to leave their home in Brussels. The reason was what some have branded the “massive” problem with the quality of the city’s air.

The Store Hour Opening Debate in Brussels

Monday, 28 November 2016 20:47
To shop or not to shop… that is the question or, to be strictly accurate, whether to shop longer hours and also on Sunday.
It is that time of the year again when St Nicolas rides into towns, villages and cities across Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, spreading festive cheer to the children. But he is never alone. Behind him walks his trusty sidekick, usually a white man, dressed in renaissance clothing donning a curly…
The small European country was used as a top secret, high security jail for big shots of the Nazi regime like Goering and Ribbentrop after the Allies captured them. Largely forgotten, this unique episode in the history of Luxembourg has only a few witnesses.
The U.K.’s decision to “Brexit” has caused confusion and concern in Belgium, not only on the business side but certainly also among British citizens living in Belgium. A high-level panel was assembled to discuss “Brexit’s Impact on Belgium” at an event at St. John’s International School.
Once every few weeks Prof. Dr. Marc Noppen sits down with patients at his hospital and chats about how it can improve its services.
2016 is the year where all the former-Republics of the USSR are celebrating 25 years of independence. In this framework, Antonio Buscardini, Editor in Chief of The Press Club Brussels Europe and contributor at The Brussels Times, interviewed Roman Vassilenko, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs from the Republic of Kazakhstan.After 25…
The Viking period has definitely influenced the history of Europe and left its marks in both its Western and Eastern parts. During a period of 250 years, from about 800 to 1050, sea travelers from the Scandinavian countries, at that time without any specific national identity, set out to trade,…
At a time when so much of the news is dominated by stories about disharmony, it is refreshing to listen to the thoughts of Pascale Hertay.
1983 – somewhere in Wallonia, adjacent to Mons. Generals and officers gathered in a situation room to control the movements of tens of thousands of American soldiers advancing across Western Europe. Their goal: repel an invasion by an enemy code-named “Orange” before nuclear war became inevitable.