The animal rights organisation Gaia intends to take legal action against Zakia Khattabi, the president of green party Ecolo, for defamation.
Wholesaler in fruits and vegetables Lorre N.V, has recalled their classic and exotic Mendiants (small chocolate disks studded with nuts and dried fruits) from the Trader Joe's brand, sold via Aldi. 
Following a successful launch in Antwerp, the high-end burger chain Five Guys will soon open its doors in Brussels, according to reports in local media.

The three additional teens thought to have been part of a group of seven who gang raped a 15-year-old girl and broadcast it on social media were never considered suspects, local authorities confirmed.

Minister for Environment Céline Fremault (CDH) demanded 2.14 million euros of penalty payments of the federal government for the noise nuisance in Brussels in April because of the airport in Zaventem.
The decision of the American department of economic affairs to break its business links with Huawei would not affect jobs at the telecom giant's Technologies Research & Development premises in Ghent, the group's European branch assured on Thursday in a brief statement to Belga.
Some 1,500 SNCB train drivers must undergo language training in order to achieve the required level of knowledge, according to an answer from Mobility Minister François Bellot to a question from MP N-VA Inez De Coninck.

A commemoration will be held on Friday at noon to remember the victims of the 2014 terrorist attacks on the Brussels Jewish Musem, marking 5 years to the day since the deadly shooting.

Friday, 24 May 2019 09:26

Electric scooter maximum speed raised

New traffic regulations coming into effect next week will see the speed limit for electric scooters, hoverboards and wheelchairs climb from 18 to 25 kilometres per hour.

The police officer who attacked an arrested man in Molenbeek has spoken out to explain his actions, saying that he attacked the man because the scene triggered memories from a deadly shoot out.

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