Another person with the Legionella bacteria has been admitted to hospital, informed the Flemish Care and Health Agency.
Manneken Pis will dress as a West African cattle herder on Saturday and urinate real milk as part of an effort by the Belgian NGO, Vétérinaires sans frontières, to draw attention to West Africa’s dairy producers.

The federal police have caught a Dutch-language news site redhanded and called the publication out for encouraging readers to send them footage of a major road accident this week, while also reporting that hundreds had received fines for filming behind the wheel.

Commuters in Brussels can no longer count on fixed parking spaces in public car parks, thanks to a new measure to be introduced on 1 July.
In Kasterlee in the province of Antwerp, a 74-year-old man was found in critical condition after an assault with a hoe, that was still in his head. 
The police found a suspect wanted for a murder in Grâce-Hollogne, Liège they had been searching for 10 years, during a routine police check.

The man who was violently attacked by a Molenbeek police officer while he was being arrested thinks he “could have been killed” by the policeman’s onslaught, according to his account of the events which he shared in an interview.

The financial industry regulator FSMA has drawn attention to a new trend in fraud: the sale of shares in expensive wines.

An altercation occurred in an Ixelles neighbourhood between a café owner and a Brussels minister known for his anti-vehicle policies, after the latter was asked to leave the merchant’s terrace, where he was campaigning on Wednesday.

The American fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) will open three new restaurants in Flanders this year.
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