For over ten years, 25 federal police medical officers were paid a full-time salary while only working part-time.

Low-cost carrier Ryanair gave in to a union demand to hike cabin crew salaries by up to 25 per cent, paving the way for the creation of a labour agreement that unions say would be the most important one “in the history of Ryanair in Belgium.”

A pair of Eritrean nationals were detained after police found them hiding among a truck’s cargo of flour in the outskirts of Bruges, police confirmed Wednesday.

A new document informing asylum seekers about “fundamental" and "non-negotiable" Belgian norms and values will be distributed in reception centres in Belgium.

The European Commission aims to obtain more transparency on prices throughout the food chain, from the farm to the supermarket, Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan told AFP.
The Commission will soon publish new rules on pricing transparency, Hogan said.

Utopsi, an interest group for and by sex workers, called for a complete decriminalisation of sex work and a self-employment statute to protect themselves legally and socially.
The NGO Avaaz has said it has identified over 500 suspicious pages and groups on Facebook suspected of disseminating fake news within the EU ahead of the European elections.
The officer of the Brussels West police who was filmed kicking and hitting an arrested man in Molenbeek has been arrested, and has since apologised.

A human trafficking network operating in the Brussels region out of Gare du Nord was dismantled by police, leading to the arrest of ten individuals and the identification of several migrants in irregular situations.

The Brussels municipality of Saint-Gilles has approved the construction of a large city park in the areas surrounding the recently-renovated Parvis de Saint Gilles in an attempt to create a “green lung” in the municipality.

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